Live Demonstrations

Different kinds of evaluation of the FYPA²C apporach and its protyped Knowledge Carrying Software have been exe-cuted by FYPA²C on the PPU case study. Results of these evaluation have been shown on different workshops in live demonstrations. Parts of these results have been shown at the 3rd workshop of the priority programme in Munich and at the 5th workshop in Braunschweig in live demonstrations of the FYPA²C KCS. As an exmaple, at the 5th workshop, the Knowledge Carrying Software of the FYPA²C project has automatically figured out that the introduction of Sc5 only results in the desired increase of throughput if specific product mixes are produced; otherwise, the throughput is even decreased. The approach has also been applied on additional laboratory plants and on an industrial machine to evaluate the proposed methods in an industrial environments.

Impressions of the live demonstration and prototype