Bus Shuttle Transportation

We arranged a bus shuttle for the transportation between the recommended hotels and the workshop location. At the first day of the workshop (March 10) a guide picks you up at the reception desk of your hotel and leads you to the bus station. On March 11/12 there are no guides.

Pick-Up Times and Departures

Direction Hotels -> WS Location

Hotel Fürstenhof

  • (First Day: Pick-up at 8:00)
  • Bus departures at 8:10 from station Campestraße (direction central station)

Hotel an der Stadthalle

  • (First Day: Pick-up at 8:05)
  • Bus departures at 8:15 in front of the hotel (in Leonhardtstraße)

Hotel Magnitor

  • (First Day: Pick-up at 8:05)
  • Bus departures at 8:17 from station Am Magnitor (direction Staatstheater)

Hotel Lessing Hof

  • (First Day: Pick-up at 8:15 )
  • Bus departures at 8:25 from station Radeklint (direction Cellerstraße)

Direction WS Location -> Central Station and Hotels

Station Luftfahrtbundesamt

  • Tuesday: Bus departures at 17:00
  • Wednesday: Bus departures at 18:15 (updated!)
  • Thursday: Bus departures at 13:45 (updated!)

In addition to the regular route, the bus stops at the central station (approx. at 14:15, updated!) at the last day of the workshop (March 12). 

Individual Transports

For additional individual transports, e.g. before/after the dinners, on March 10 and 11 (not at March 12!) you can use your name badge as ticket for bus and tram..

Maps with Routes