Model Differencing Workshop

Full title: Workshop on Model Differencing
Status: done

  • First group: 13.07.2016 (half day) - 14.07.2016 (half day)
  • Second group: 27.07.2016 (half day) - 28.07.2016 (half day)

Location: University of Siegen, Siegen, Germany
Programmes:Group 1, Group 2(pdf, Din A4 format)

This workshop focusses on differences in the context of models. Fundamental knowledge on model differencing and established model differencing tools are presented. Finally the utilization of the tools by the involved SPP projects is discussed.

In long-living software systems a number of versions and variants of development artefacts have to be managed. Understanding the differences among these versions provides valuable information on the system itself. Making use of these differences contributes to the overall lifecycle in system development. Within the workshop developed concepts, techniques, and tools on model differences are presented, examined w.r.t. the application in mind and further discussed w.r.t. additional requirements not covered yet. This special interest on models is based on its prominent role within the SPP. Models are ideal means to carry system knowledge in a platform-independent way supporting the continuous evolution of software systems.

The workshop had been initiated by a questionnaire in advance. As a result, suitable artifacts for model differences used in SPP-projects had been identified. The workshops are planned for groups up to ten participants. This contributes to an intense interchange on developed technologies which are results of the first and second funding period. The hands-on material enables the transfer of knowledge to the different SPP projects. This will hopefully lead to synergies in project work and finally to new research ideas. Overall the workshop will enhance the cooperation among the SPP projects.

This workshop is supported by the coordination project of DFG SPP1593.