Agenda of the 10th Workshop of DFG SPP1593

The Workshop takes place in building 11.40 at KIT in the Tulla Lecture Hall and its lobby.
More about the location can be found here.
Talk abstracts can be found here

Main Programme Day 1

Time Thu., 4.10.
13:00-14:30 Internal Meeting for Synchronisation, Preparation, Test-Runs, … (starts at 13:00 or earlier)
14:30-15:00 COFFEE / Welcome Reception
15:00-15:15 Opening
15:15-16:15 Scientific Keynote by Dirk Riehle (FAU)
Ten years of inner source case studies and our conclusions
16:15-16:30 Introduction to xPPU
16:30-17:40 Short Project Talks (Part I: xPPU-related)
  • DAPS2: Scalable design and performance analysis for long-living software families
  • ENSURE 2: Ensurance of Software Evolution
  • IMoTEP 2: Mastering Variability in Space, over Time and at Runtime in Model-based Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems
  • moca: Specifying and Recognizing Model Changes in Co-Evolving Models
  • MoDEMMiCAS: Model-Driven Evolution Management for Microscopic Changes in Automation Systems
  • LinkedFYPAAC: Enhancing the evolution of previously undocumented systems by knowledge-carrying software
17:40-18:40 Case Study Demos & Poster Session (Part I: xPPU-related)
18:40-19:00 Break (~7 Min. walk to dinner location)
19:00 DINNER at Gastdozentenhaus
(only participants of SPP1593 and invited persons)

Main Programme Day 2

Time Fri., 5.10.
09:00-10:00 Industrial Keynote by H. Koziolek (ABB)
10:00-10:15 COFFEE
10:15-10:30 Introduction to CoCoME
10:30-11:45 Short Project Talks (Part II: CoCoME-related)
  • Advert: Concepts, Methods and Tools for Architecture- and Quality-centric Evolution of Long-living Software Systems
  • CURES: Continuous Usage- and Rationale-based Evolution Decision Support
  • DECLARE: Declarative Performance Engineering
  • DoMain: Domain-spanning Maintainability Estimation of Information and Manufacturing Automation Systems
  • iObserve:Integrated Observation and Modeling Techniques to Support Adaptation and Evolution of Software Systems
  • Pythia: Techniques and Prediction Models for Sustainable Product-Line Engineering
  • SecVolution@Run-time: Beyond One-Shot Security: Requirements-driven Run-time Security Adaptation to Reduce Code Patching
11:45-12:30 LUNCH
12:30-13:45 Case Study Demos & Poster Session (Part II: CoCoME-related)
13:45-14:45 Panel Discussion on ideas of a upcoming Priority Programme in area of SE
14:45-15:00 Talk about Lessons Learned and Future Research
15:00-15:30 Closing

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