5th Workshop of the DFG Priority Programme 1593

Full title: 5th Workshop of the DFG Priority Programme 1593
Status: done
Location: TUBS/NFF, Braunschweig, Germany
Date: 10.03.2015 - 12.03.2015

The fifth workshop of the DFG priority programme 1593 is the concluding event of the first funding period. Within this context, elaborated results of scientific projects and their evaluation along two common case studies are presented with talks and posters. The workshop aims to facilitate discussions on industrial applicability of the research in SPP1593. In particular, we call attention to challenges posed by the ageing of software and to feasible countermeasures in development and maintenance in today's productive software and software/hardware sys-tems. The joint research roadmap for the second funding period of SPP1593 is presented, and the long-term vision to tackle software evolution in industry is discussed during the workshop.

Programme Overview:

  • IndustrialKeynote
  • Project Talks
  • Poster Session
  • Demos
  • Meetings on 2nd funding period

Details about the workshop locationa list ofrecommended hotels and dinner locationsare available here.


Programme Committee: SPP1593 Coordination Board