In breakout sessions the workshop participants are divided into smaller working groups. Each breakout starts with a set of controversial questions or statements to facilitate discussions. The goal is a highly interactive exchange of knowledge. At the end each group briefly presents their findings to all workshop participants.

Formal Modeling and Verification

by B. Vogel-Heuser, B. Beckert andJ. Mund

  • Which formal methods and tools for modelling and verification have been developed within the SPP and what are their limitations?
  • How can formal methods and tools help software evolution/maintenance?
  • What challenges have to be overcome in order to establish formal modeling and verification as inherent parts of industrial engineering applications?

Model Differences: Modelling and Evaluation

by A. Fay

    • Which methods for modelling differences are known?
    • What kinds of differences can be modelled?
    • Are there other differences?
    • Which methods do you know to...
      • Compare models?
      • Find differences between models and/or systems?
    • Depict differences?
    • How are found differences presented?
    • Which criteria can be used for evaluating differences?
    • Which methods and research approaches for modelling differences are known?